Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Cymtych Makeover

Katrina’s very house-proud but has had to put DIY on the backburner after becoming the full-time carer for her young grandson. Kelly wanted to show her mum how much she loves and admires her by giving Katrina the home of her dreams – all in just one hour
Print 2 canvas provided a print of the horizon for the main bedroom and in the Boys room we did a wallpaper of table football and even the ceiling was papered with a football pitch design

Friday, 28 August 2009

Sutton Coldfield Makeover

Taking on another one hour makeover challenge the team visit Sutton Coldfield where they helped Matthew surprise mum Cath. She did everything for Matthew after he had a knee operation and is also the main carer for her disabled brother. Cath is extremely house proud but hadn’t had the time or the money to re-decorate for 20 years. In just one hour we made over the living/dining room, kitchen, main bedroom and gave her a brand new dressing room
We provided a Photographic Roller Blind of a knife and fork.

New Mills, Derbyshire Makeover

Gwen and Ted wanted to give their daughter, Jacquie, a birthday surprise she’ll never forget – a 60 Minute Makeover. Jacquie’s a single parent with two young children and spends most of her time at her parents’ home because she hates her own house. The team transformed four rooms and gave the family the cosy home they’d always wanted.
In Bobbi & Austin's room we provided wallpaper of a beach setting and a Photographic Roller Blind of the gold fish on a beach.

Maghull Makeover

The team visit Maghull to help John surprise his wife Sue and their three children. Alex, their 3-year-old son, was born with a very rare medical condition and has been in and out of hospital his entire life. This has affected the whole family and John thought it was about time they all deserved a treat.
Print 2 canvas provided Photographic Roller Blinds of Liverpool Docks in pop art and cartoon jungle images.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Cramlington Makeover

The team have been called to Cramlington in Northumberland by Rosemary to give her daughter Nicky’s home the makeover it needs. Six years ago Nicky’s son Sam was born with serious health problems. Rosemary would like to see their house transformed so the family can concentrate on spending more time together rather than worry about decorating. What better way to do that than a 60 Minute Makeover
Print 2 canvas provided wallpaper of Posy pink Skulls and pearls
The Jungle Wallpaper in Sam's room and a Photographic Roller Blind with ‘Sashion' Logo

Chorley Makeover

The team help Janet surprise her mum Brenda who was unfortunately widowed last year and often feels very lonely in the house. Despite being 70, she still works in a local hotel and after a hard day’s work, her daughter Janet thought she really deserved to come back to a relaxing place.
Printe 2 canvas provided a wallpaper of music manuscript and Canvas Prints

Bow Makeover

Kathryn Rayward, David Domoney and the team surprised mum Margaret by transforming her home and garden in Bow, East London. She deserved a big treat and now has a home and garden she can really enjoy.

Blackpool Makeover

Derek Taylor and the team visit Blackpool where they helped Danielle surprise mum Maria. Maria’s a dog groomer by trade so Derek injected the house with a new lease of life and a bit of doggy fun too.
Print2group provided the wallpaper

Bewish Makeover

Interior designer Hannah Sandling and the team visit Bewbush, West Sussex to help Kay surprise and thank her cousin Deepa. She’s been a tower of strength to the whole family as they faced serious illnesses. The team make over their 3 rooms and their garden with designer David Domoney.
Print 2 Canvas provided Canvas Prints

Basildon Makeover

The team are in Basildon, Essex, with Dean who wanted to surprise his mum, Sylvia who has dedicated herself to caring for other members of her family. Her home hadn’t been decorated for nearly two decades and Dean thought it was about time she had some help to update it.
Print 2 Canvas provided : Photographic Roller Blinds with printed images

Basildon 2nd Makeover

The team visit Basildon, Essex for a second time to help Lisa surprise her parents. She wanted to give Barbara and Tony a big treat after what has been a difficult time for the family. They’re used to their daughter surprising them with small treats but a 60 Minute Makeover was the biggest yet.
Print 2 canvas provided a Tuscan Italian scene on a black framed canvas

Aigburth Makeover

Designer Michelle Watt and the team visit Aigburth in Liverpool to help Anthony surprise his mum Brenda and brother Terry with a huge home makeover. Terry’s been ill since birth and has been in and out of hospital most of his life. Brenda’s been a huge support to Terry throughout his difficult time so Anthony wanted to show them both just how much they mean to him.
Print 2 Canvas provided : Canvas Prints of flowers